Dewey Decimal Classification Edition 23

Computer science, information & general worksPhilosophy & psychologyReligionSocial sciences
LanguageScienceTechnologyArt & recreation
LiteratureHistory & geography  

圖書館西文書刊館藏係依據《Dewey Decimal Classification Edition 23》(杜威十進分類法23版), 茲簡列如下:

【Computer science, information & general works】【Philosophy & psychology】
000Computer science, knowledge & systems100Philosophy
020Library & information sciences120Epistemology
030Encyclopedias & books of facts130Parapsychology & occultism
040[Unassigned]140Philosophical schools of thought
050Magazines, journals & serials150Psychology
060Associations, organizations & museums160Philosophical logic
070News media, journalism & publishing170Ethics
080Quotations180Ancient, medieval & eastern philosophy
090Manuscripts & rare books190Modern western philosophy
【Religion】【Social sciences】
200Religion300Social sciences, sociology & anthropology
210Philosophy & theory of religion310Statistics
220The Bible320Political science
240Christian practice & observance340Law
250Christian pastoral practice & religious orders350Public administration & military science
260Christian organization, social work & worship360Social problem & social services
270History of Christianity370Education
280Christian denominations380Commerce, communications & transportation
290Other religions390Customs, etiquette & folklore
420English & Old English languages520Astronomy
430German & related languages530Physics
440French & related languages540Chemistry
450Italian, Romanian & related languages550Earth sciences & geology
460Spanish, Portuguese, Galician560Fossils & prehistoric life
470Latin & Italic languages570Biology
480Classical & modern Greek languages580Plants (Botany)
490Other languages590Animals (Zoology)
【Technology】【Arts & recreation】
610Medicine & health710Area planning & landscape architecture
630Agriculture730Sculpture, ceramics & metalwork
640Home & family management740Graphic arts & decorative arts
650Management & public relations750Painting
660Chemical engineering760Printmaking & prints
670Manufacturing770Photography, computer art, film, video
680Manufacture for specific uses780Music
690Construction of buildings790Sports, games & entertainment
【Literature】【History & geography】
800Literature, rhetoric & criticism900History
810American literature in English910Geography & ravel
820English & Old English literatures920Biography & genealogy
830German & related literatures930History of ancient world (to ca. 499)
840French & related literatures940History of Europe
850Italian, Romanian & related literatures950History of Asia
860Spanish, Portuguedse, Galician literatures960History o fAfrica
870Latin & Italic literatures970History of North American
880Classical & modern Greek literatures980History of South America
890Other literatures990History of other areas