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    從acid house到Zydeco音樂,從墨西哥阿爾普科到東非的尚吉巴島,Blommsbury Popular Music提供了自20世紀至今,涵蓋全世界流行音樂,堪稱無可比擬的學術研究成果,供您探索、發現、學習、研究關於全球流行音樂的歷史與地圖脈絡。每年更新兩次,對於music、ethnomusicology and the performing arts to media and communications、cultural studies、anthropology and sociology學科中的學生、教師、研究者而言,都是不可多得的寶貴研究資源,可藉由音樂類型、藝術家姓名、標題、與國家等等,進行搜尋與瀏覽;方便您引用內文、分享、與列印;互動式流行音樂時間軸;互動式世界音樂地圖。
    From acid house to zydeco, and from Acapulco to Zanzibar, Bloomsbury Popular Music provides unrivalled scholarly coverage of modern popular music worldwide, from the early 20th century to the present day. Updated twice a year, Bloomsbury Popular Music is an invaluable resource for students, academics and researchers in disciplines from music, ethnomusicology and the performing arts to media and communications, cultural studies, anthropology and sociology. Search, browse and filter content by music genre, artist name, topic, and country. Interactive Timeline of Popular Music includes the dates of albums covered in the 33 1/3 series, plus an overview of contextual events in musical and political history, with links to relevant articles. Interactive World Map enables users to navigate to books and articles covering a particular country or region.