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Director and SecretaryLibraries
Acquisitions and Cataloging DepartmentCirculation and Collection Services Department
Reference and Systems DepartmentSerials and Multimedia Department

DirectorLih-Juan ChanLin 
SecretaryShen, Y. S.886-2-29053952
TelFahy Library (Main Library)Kungpo LibraryCardinal Shan Library
Reference Service882-2-29052675882-2-29052314882-2-29053421


Name TelE-Mail
Acquisitions and Cataloging Department Duty Fax: 882-2-29053158
Chen, Su-JiuanHead882-2-29052523
Yen, Y. C.Acquisitions882-2-29053288
Chiang, C. C..Acquisitions 882-2-29052671
Ho, F. I.Oriental Language Cataloging882-2-29052674
Yu, Y. Y.Oriental Language Cataloging882-2-29052522
Lin, L. C.Western Language Cataloging882-2-29053954
Circulation and Collection Services Department Duty Fax: 882-2-29053158
Wu, Min-HsuanHead882-2-29053292
Chen, M. J.Circulation Services (Fahy Library)882-2-29052673
Hsu, S. L.Collection Services (Fahy Library)882-2-29053955
Peng, Y. C.Circulation Services、Multimedia Services (Kungpo Library)882-2-29052331
Tseng, L. L.Collection Servicfes (Kungpo Library)882-2-29052313
Wang, W. F.Circulation and Collection Services (Cardinal Shan Library)882-2-29053420
Reference and Systems Department Duty Fax: 882-2-2905-3158
Chen, C. H.Head882-2-29053155
Tseng, S. J.Reference Services (Science and Engineering、Human Ecology) , Information Systems, E-Resources Cataloging882-2-29053289
Vicky H. F. TsengReference Services (Fahy Library) , Interlibrary loan882-2-29052675
Hsieh, Y. F.Reference Services (Kungpo Library)882-2-29052314
Lee, C. L.

Information Systems, E-Resources Acquisitions,

Reference Services (Medicine)

Chu, S. P.Information Systems, E-Resources Cataloging882-2-29053543
Serials and Multimedia Department Duty Fax: 882-2-29053159
Lee, Ming


Multimedia Acquisitions and Cataloging

Chao, C. H.Serial Acquisitions and Exchange, E-Journals882-2-29053953
Chang, Y. S.Serial Services (Fahy Library)882-2-29053951
Cheng, S, S,Serial Services (Kungpo Library)882-2-29053285