The Fu Jen Catholic University library system was established by the time when the University moved to Hsinchuang in Taiwan in 1963. Currently, it consists of 3 libraries, which were established in the following order: the Kungpo Library (the humanities and literature library), the Fahy Library (the social science library),and the Cardinal Shan Library (the medical library). In 2002, the libraries were re-organized into one unified Fu Jen Catholic University library system, with the Fahy Library functioning as the main library. Fu Jen Catholic University Library contains book collections, periodicals, electronic information resources, online databases, e-journals, and e-books. In addition to our own collections, we also join Taiwan library consortia to provide readers with the interlibrary loan services. The library committee, comprised of insightful and diligent professors from the 11 FJU colleges, assists the libraries’ services with both expansion and development.

Fahy Library (Main Library)

Established in 1963, the Fahy Library was originally the law library. After the university library re-organization in 2002, it became the main library, which currently stores the social sciences collections.  The Fahy Library is a 9 story building.  The total area is about 3500 pings (11,570 square meters), and includes 813 seats, 600 Internet access points, 120 computers, 28 study carrels, and 7 group discussion rooms.  The featured collections cover subjects in the social sciences, the applied sciences, the pure sciences and various religions.  The various Chinese and English language advisors provide one on one technical writing assistance.  The Periodical Section houses special collections of important Taiwanese newspapers published since 1949.

Kungpo Library

Established in 1963, the Kungpo Library is the humanities and literature library.  It is located in the Kungpo building.  In 2005, it was renovated and expanded to a total capacity of 2,600 pings (8,600 square meters), and includes 699 seats, 400 Internet access points, 120 computers, and 7 group discussion rooms.  The Kungpo Library features collections in philosophy, language, literature, arts, history and geography.  To meet the high demands for researching relevant materials about Mainland China, the Library is gradually developing a good collection of Mainland publications.

Cardinal Shan Library

Established in 1992, the Medical Library was originally located on the second floor of the College of Medicine to offer easy access and service to both the faculty and the students of the College of Medicine.  In 2007, the Medical Library moved to the Cardinal Shan Medical Building.  The total area is about 800 pings (2,645 square meters), and includes 244 seats, 72 Internet access points, 18 computers, and 4 group discussion rooms.  The collection includes not only works in the field of medicine, nursing, public health, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, but also instructional materials for the Problem-Based Learning approach.