Services for Alumni

Accessing the Library

For alumni, retired faculty and staff use the library card issued by the library to enter the library, or exchange for the “Entrance Card” with a valid photo ID to enter the library. When leaving the library, the patron should return the “Entrance Card” and retrieve the personal valid photo ID.

Borrowing Services

Alumni, retired faculty and staff  have the privilege of borrowing materials from the libraries with the library card.

Electronic Resource Service

  1. The access to electronic resources is limited to the use of computers located in the FJU library due to licensing and copyright restrictions. 

  2. To use electronic resources, please obtain an account number and password at the reference desk.

Reference Service

Users always can look for more information at the reference desk. 

Photocopying and Printing Services

They are self-helping and pay by the EasyCard.

Application for Library Card

See in Applying for Library Cards.