Accessing the Library

Accessing the Library


Users need a valid library card to enter the library.

  1. Faculty, staffs, students, and exchange students use the University ID card as the library card.

  2. Part time faculty, alumni and Inter-library card holders use the library card issued by the library to enter the library.

  3. A temporary library card is issued for the visitor with a valid photo ID. Temporary library card should be returned to library upon leaving the library.


  1. Any valid ID is not transferable. Privileges of using library will be suspended for 3 month if violating the rule.

  2. No drinking (except water) (Library provides water dispensers)/ No eating / No smoking / No pets is allowed in library.

  3. Mobile phones should be switched off or set to silent mode.

  4. Occupying seats is not allowed in the library. All personal belongings should be taken along with when leaving the seat more than 30 minutes.

  5. Keep personal belongs with you. The library assumes no responsibility in watch over personal belongs.