Reference Service

Reference services are available during office hours. Users can always look for information at the reference desk of each library. Our services include:

  1. Answering research inquiries via telephones, in-persons, e-mails, fax, letters, etc.
  2. Instructing library utilizations for both virtual and physical resources.
  3. Facilitating reference materials.
  4. Assisting online cataloging and library collections.
  5. Assisting Online database instructions.
  6. Scheduling library instruction courses and library orientation activities.

Service principles:

  1. The reference services only answer factual answers, we do not give medical or legal advices, nor will we interpret the law or business issues. Students' homework assignments, riddle and trivia games, math and statistic questions, life and all other personal matters will not be consulted either.
  2. The reference desk only provides suggestions or guidelines in regard with research purposes, such as reference materials, library facility instructions, etc. The library will not be responsible for any ultimate decision. 


If you have any questions, you're always welcome to ask questions trough our library board. You also can contact our reference librarians:

Name TelE-Mail
Chen, C. H.Head2905-3115
Tseng, S, J.Reference Service (Fahy Library)2905-2675
Hsieh, Y. F.Reference Service (Kungpo Library)2905-2314
Lee, C. L.Reference Service (Cardinal Shan Library)2905-2522